Monday, September 3, 2007

Manini Beach-Kealakekua Bay-Big Island Hawaii

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One of the most beautiful beaches on the Kona side is Manini Beach, which is located just a few hundred yards south of Kealakekua Bay. Manini Beach offers a nice small shaded beach area with picnic tables. As you sit under the trees, you have a nice view of Kealakekua Bay. Kealakekua Bay is the place where Captain Cook landed back in the 1700's. You can see the Captain Cook monument from the main sitting area at Manini Beach.

Manini Beach is a great place for those who like to go snorkeling and see the abundant marine life. Or you can just go swimming in the beautiful clear water. There is a place to launch kayaks nearby at the Kealakekua Bay park. The bay is a great place to go kayaking as it is protected by the steep walls of the mountains nearby. Manini Beach is one of the best places to look for puka shells-the local kind of shells with a hole in them. There is not much of a white sandy beach here, but there are lots of places you can walk along the rocks and the tidal pools to look for shells and broken coral pieces. If you want to get some sun, be sure to bring a towel of chair to sit on because you will need some kind of relief from the black lava rocks all around.

So when you find yourself looking for a secluded beach place that is not too crowded, make your way down to Manini Beach. Bring a picnic lunch, lots of drinks to keep you hydrated, your favorite sunscreen, and a happy attitude so that you can truly enjoy the beautiful scenery. This is a quiet beautiful beach where you can truly enjoy some fantastic sunset views.

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